myGlobalU – FAQ’s

How do I get a myGlobalU account for my Institution?

Contact us by filling out the online form to request institutional access. You will then receive a user name and password, which provides administrative privileges. Once your administrative account is set up, users affiliated with your institution, who have a valid institutional e-mail will also be allowed to also sign up.

Who can Access myGlobalU?

There are three levels of access for myGlobalU: Administrator Access, User Access, Public Access. Each level of access has different usage and authoring privileges. Administrators can view, and modify all data on the systems including the colors, logos, and look and feel of the site. Users such as faculty, students, and alumni can access and modify only their own personal user information after they have signed up.  The general public can view information that administrators have made public such as exchange agreements and projects.

How do I customize myGlobalU for my Institution?

Once you have an administrator log in user name and password you can modify Global U and have control of the look and feel of the myGlobalU service to match the color schemes and logos of your institution. The administrator also controls who can sign up to myGlobalU by selecting which e-mail types are acceptable for authenticating new users.

What Privileges are available to each type of User?

Administrators: Manage the system for their institution and can customize it for their institution in the Administrator Dashboard. Only Administrators can Add, Edit or Delete information about exchange agreements or study abroad.

Institutional Users: Authorized end users (faculty, students, alumni) who sign up can provide personal information about themselves, and see information about other users from your institution who have selected to share information. For example alumni may wish to share their information with other alumni in your institution or faculty members. Faculty members and researchers can add, modify, and manage projects.

Public Users: can view public information only. Typically this includes exchanges, study abroad, and projects.

Who Decides What Information is Shared with Other End Uses?

When users such as alumni, students, and faculty members enter information about themselves in myGlobalU they select who they would like to share their personal information within their privacy profile.  They may select other faculty members, alumni, students, or no one.

Who can Add, Edit and Modify Exchanges and Study Abroad Categories ?

Only Administrators can add, edit or delete exchanges and study abroad categories.  Other users may cannot add, edit or modify these categories.

Who Can Add, Edit and Modify Projects?

Both Administrators and Faculty/Researchers can add, edit and delete projects. Projects are typically  initially entered by administrators using existing databases or spreadsheets. The project manager/faculty member is then advised that a new project has been added to myGlobalU and are invited to sign up. Faculty members and researchers  can then modify their projects (only their projects) and they can also add new ones, as well as delete and modify them anytime.


Who Can Add, Edit and Modify Alumni Information?

Both Alumni Administrators and Alumni themselves can add, edit and delete alumni information. Typically, alumni information is initially entered by alumni administrators using existing databases or spreadsheets. The alumni are then invited to sign up to myGlobalU. Once signed up alumni can then modify, add to or delete their own record anytime. All users including alumni can also use the chat feature to communicate directly with other alumni, including faculty and students that have also signed up. Global provides an easy to use  comprehensive view of what international projects and activities their alma matter is engaged in globally.

I Forgot My Password, what do I do?

It’s ok to forget things sometimes. Just click on the “Forgot Password” link on the top right of the screen, and it will be reset.

When I enter information about exchange agreements and projects is it available on the map right away?

Yes when you make changes to your database, such as editing or adding a new exchange agreement it is effective immediately, and can be viewed in the public view.  If moderation is turned on, however, new activities or projects will need to be approved by the designated university moderator.

Why can I not see Videos and Pictures ?

Please ensure that you have copied the YouTube links correctly in the dashboard, and added the correct Flickr information. See below.

How Much Does myGlobalU Cost?

GlobalU was designed by international administrators from leading colleges and universities.  Your pricing package will depend in part on the size of your university and the length of time you wish to purchase access.  Contact the myGlobalU Team today for a free quote!

How Can Users Access myGlobal U from my Web Site?

Simply cut and paste the HTML code information contained in the administrator dashboard on to your web site and the logo and link will appear on a your web site.  Users can then click on the logo to access Global.

Can myGlobalU be further Customized for my Institution?

Yes, some institutions have a by the myGlobalU team. Please email

Can I Import Into myGlobalU Existing databases or spreadsheets that I have?

Yes please contact myGlobalU to discuss specific requirements

Can myGlobalU Provide Training for my Team?

Yes please contact myGlobalU to arrange training directly or online for your administrative or end users

Who can I Contact if I have Further Questions?

Please contact us at

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