Once your college or university has a myGlobalU account, faculty members and researchers  can also sign up  and log in to GlobalU. Faculty members are able to showcase all the research projects and activities around the world. With myGlobalU your colleagues, students and alumni can easily follow your projects and research initiatives.

  • Profile Research and Projects: Profile your research and projects and share with your academic community.
  • Create, Update and Edit: Easily manage your research, create, update, and edit  your projects and activities around the world.
  • Manage Access: Fully  control with whom you wish to share your projects, research and global activities
  • Link Videos, & Blogs: Simply and easily integrate your videos and blogs, so they can be accessed within myGlobalU – the private social media network.
  • Online chat: Users can chat directly with you and engage with your project and research.


Control and manage key international information about your institution.