• Recruit International Students: Assist potential international students to identify your institution’s activities in their country of origin.
  • Showcase International Projects: Profile all your projects around the world. Integrate videos, blogs, and data. Easily search and find activities around the world.
  • Promote Study Abroad Programs: Showcase to potential students all your study abroad opportunities. Integrate videos, student blogs, ratings. Enable easy access to enroll.
  • Showcase Exchange Agreements: Identify and promote exchange agreements, and manage related information.
  • Engage International Alumni: Your alumni can see what your institution is doing around the world. Support and enable alumni donations by showcasing projects of interest. Enable social networking between alumni, alumni clubs, faculty and students.
  • Manage and Find Information: Easily access and search for international activities of your institution.

MyGlobalU is in the Software as a Service (SaaS) category, which means that institutions subscribe to myGlobalU on an ongoing basis and we customize our base solution to match the requirements of each institution.  MyGlobalU is a flexible solution which grows with the institution’s needs.

Control and manage key international information about your institution.